Children, adolescents, young adults & parents are my primary focus. I meet children where they are, using play therapy and brain science to teach them emotion recognition and regulation. When teens and young adults are striving for independence and searching for identity, it helps to have a safe, nonjudgmental space to ask questions, share experiences, and develop coping skills. I provide parents with knowledgeable support from the postpartum period through adolescence, with training in infant massage, as postpartum doula and parenting coach, as well as my own lived experience raising five children. Let me know how I can help you.

When we become dysregulated as a result of trauma, daily life becomes a challenge. Play therapy with a caring adult lets kids communicate in their own language. I bring that same compassion and nonjudgmental attitude to my work with teens and adults allowing them to be themselves without fear of rejection. The brain and body can work together to improve coping skills and to help you not just survive, but actually thrive.

I provide an empathetic space for children, teens, young adults to explore emotions like grief, anger, worry, and shame. My goal is to help find effective ways of managing the ups and downs of daily life in light of your own personal history & identity. I also offer judgment-free guidance for parents who are struggling to stay connected to their children.

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Birth Trauma (Parent)

Caregiver Stress

Childhood Emotional Neglect

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Emotional Neglect

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Survivors of Conversion Therapy

Survivors of Suicide Loss

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