We live in a society where people are disembodied. Living separate from our bodies is harmful and sometimes even grave. Disembodied living has consequences to our physical, emotional and spiritual health. Being out of touch with ourselves, also affects our ability to have meaningful relationships. We lose our way when we stop caring for our whole selves. our lives can feel out of control and chaotic.

An Authentic life, where we have agency can also feel out of reach. We live in a culture where denying our emotions and patterns of life has been the norm. Learning to understand that turning towards the body is a soulful endeavor. It often comes out of our own feelings of despair and helplessness that we make a serious appointment with ourselves to take exquisite care of what is hurting and needing deep attention.

Usually that appointment comes with commitment, strength, perseverance, and good guides to support us. Resilience is inherent in us if we take our lives back and remember that we have worth, even if it hides behind mistaken beliefs that are hidden from view.

As a somatic therapist and coach, my approach comes from my deep practice of presence. It is in collaboration that you come to know the best teacher is you. I simply have 30 years of experience to draw on to guide you home to a greater purpose and vision for a life well worth living. You can find a deep sense that it is possible to take steps that build on one another to ad up to something greater than you imagined. The founder of The Resilient Practitioner, I specialize in working with doctors, therapists and caretakers approaching burn out.

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