Claire Horner is known in Atlanta as ATL Shrink and The Relationship Translator.  Therapist and advocate for clients seeking relief from sexual assault and those  pursuing healthy relationships.  

She is licensed as a Professional Counselor with a dual masters. There has been so  much hurt and abuse within the Church, she thought it best to gain particular education in this area so she pursued a degree in Professional Counseling, but also one that brought psychology and theology together.  

Her experience growing up in a fundameantalist religious atmosphere also  provides a level of understanding that can assist those healing from doctrines that  went too far, contributed to abuse, or were potentially isolating in ways that have  made moving into adulthood… complicated. After completing the degrees by  early 2004, she became licensed on Valentine’s Day in 2007.  

In the past 19 years, she has found providing group therapy, recovery from toxic religious experiences (including abuse and sexual assault), and working with  intercultural/interracial couples to be particularly rewarding. 

Her work in corrections at the start of her career fueled her passion for assisting  all people to raise their awareness of how to better care for themselves, to reduce the stigma of mental illness, and to slow down generational traumas. 

In the summer of 2019, she started the Atlanta Sexual Trauma Specialist Database. The networking community served as a resource to one another and the community through 2020. **The STS Database was excited to have been part of a roundtable  discussion in the 2019 documentary Unlearning Sex by filmmaker and sexual  assault survivor Zahah Thirus. It has been released in educational institutions. The database is picking up again in August 2022 as “TEAL Specialists” hoping to provide therapy referrals to those healing from sexual trauma.

For the past 3 years, she has expanded her dedication to those in healing by starting RESET Trauma Unstuck with colleague Dr. SaDohl Jones. An Instagram and YouTube channel dedicated to getting resources to those on their sexual trauma healing journey. They find podcasts, apps, books, tools – ANYTHING to help get unstuck from trauma… The Freak Out Free Podcast will launch fall 2022!

TEAL are short-term virtual group therapy services best for those starting out, needing a supplement to current sexual trauma work, OR as an accountability partner to maintain healing. TEAL began summer 2021 for females & T/NB people in Georgia. Expansion planned for male & T/NB survivors and to include California fall 2022.

When she’s not tending to her practice, she is likely hunting Greg Mike’s newest graffiti masterpieces in Atlanta with her photographer mate, rewatching Chef’s  Table, or planning the next Halloween creation.

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