Welcome to the Trauma Therapist Network! We hope you will find resources, information, and support whether you hope to learn about trauma or you’re looking for a therapist (or both!).

And if you’re a therapist, we hope you will find this to be a supportive community to find referrals and learn about the abundance of resources available for both clinicians and non-mental health professionals.

How To Use This Site

This site is intended as a resource to learn about trauma and find help. Browsing through the pages of the site you’ll find lists of resources including crisis hotlines, private and nonprofit organizations serving trauma survivors, recommended podcasts, websites, books, articles, blogs, newsletters, and more.

You’ll also find a directory listing of trauma therapists that is searchable by zip code and by specialization. To find a trauma therapist in your area, just enter your zip code and the search criteria you are seeking. As more therapists join the site, more options will be available.

If you’re a therapist, please join the Directory so people searching for trauma therapy, clinical supervision, consultation, training and public speaking can find you!

Who Is This Site For?

Trauma affects all of us. Although we live in a world which is seemingly unaware of the long-term impact of natural disasters, famine, poverty, oppression, marginalization, pandemics, family and community violence and decades of wars, the truth is those factors have led to a high incidence of unmet mental health needs in our world’s population.

Initially, Trauma Therapist Network will focus on the United States, and as our capacity grows we can expand to list resources worldwide. This site is for anyone who wants to learn about trauma and find help for self or someone they care about.

Click Here To Watch A Short Video About Why Trauma Therapist Network Was Created!

Finding a trauma therapist has always been difficult and now that trauma is becoming more commonly known, thanks to the efforts of people and organizations that have been doing this a lot longer than I have, many therapists identify as having training and experience in working with trauma. This is great! This is what we want! More and more therapists with expertise in helping trauma survivors! But…

I know, because I have looked for a trauma therapist for myself, members of my family, friends and potential clients, that it is very difficult to discern what type of training – whether a 3 hour Continuing Education (CE) training or a 3 year, 180+ CE credit course – the therapist has completed based on their listing in a general therapist search directory. So I created Trauma Therapist Network’s directory specifically for finding a trauma therapist with details on specialization and types of trauma therapy to help a potential client find what they’re looking for.

There is a trauma therapist out there – with varying types of training and professional experience – for everyone who wants one. I want everyone who needs a therapist to find the person that is the right fit for where they are in their healing journey at the moment that they’re searching.

Who Owns This Site?

Nice to meet you! I’m Laura Reagan, LCSW-C, the founder of the Trauma Therapist Network. I’m a clinical social worker and integrative trauma specialist in Maryland, USA. I started working with trauma survivors as a volunteer in a Sexual Assault Crisis Center in 2002 and have been passionate about spreading the word about the impact of trauma, particularly childhood trauma, and the hope for recovery ever since. I got my B.S. in Sociology in 2005 and my Master of Social Work (MSW) degree in 2010.

I started my career as a therapist doing in-home family therapy in Baltimore before working in an outpatient community mental health clinic and school-based mental health program for a few years. I’ve been a hospital social worker and worked for the U.S. Navy’s Sexual Assault Prevention & Response program. In 2013 I started my own private psychotherapy practice outside Annapolis, Maryland. In 2017 I opened my group practice, The Baltimore Annapolis Center for Integrative Healing. My work has always been focused on trauma and attachment, particularly childhood trauma and abuse. I also specialize in working with survivors of sexual violence at any age.

Like most adults – 61% of Americans, according to the Adverse Childhood Experiences Study, I’m a childhood trauma survivor. I know how hard it can be to come to terms with the effects of trauma and I know firsthand that specialized trauma therapy is so helpful. I’m on a mission to teach people that trauma is real, healing is possible and help is available. Therapy Chat and Trauma Therapist Network are two ways that I can help many more people than would be possible in my psychotherapy practice.

I started a podcast called Therapy Chat in 2015 to share information that I thought might be helpful for my clients and other clinicians even though I’d never listened to a podcast and hardly understood what it was at the time. It was fun, I learned so much from my guests and people told me they found it informative! So in 2021, I started a second podcast called Trauma Chat for the general public. It contains basic information about trauma plus resources in brief, 10-20 minute episodes. More on both podcasts is below.

I am also a Maryland Board-approved and Certified Clinical Supervisor; I lead Clinical Consultation groups for trauma therapists and I run my own group private practice in the greater Baltimore area.

The idea for this site came from my desire to help people connect with the right kind of help for their situation. I feel so frustrated and discouraged when I hear people say they have spent years (even decades) in therapy that did not help them feel better. How can this happen? It’s because despite the clients sharing their histories of trauma with the therapists, the therapist didn’t have knowledge or training in trauma so they didn’t know how to help them.

Let me tell you, I have heard that from so many people. It doesn’t have to be like that! My intention is that this site will help trauma survivors find the help they want when they want it, and that trauma therapists will be able to connect with the people they serve best and find qualified colleagues to refer to as needed. Win-win!

After experiencing trauma, things are difficult enough. Finding the right help should be easy. That’s why I created Trauma Therapist Network.

Laura Reagan, LCSW-C, Founder of Trauma Therapist Network

About Therapy Chat Podcast

Therapy Chat podcast was started in August 2015 by Laura Reagan, LCSW-C. It’s a weekly podcast that runs throughout the year. As of August, 2021, the show has published 289 episodes and has been downloaded more than 4 million times. It’s heard in over 160 countries and can be found here on this website, as well as on YouTube, iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, Stitcher and anywhere podcasts are found.

On Therapy Chat Laura interviews guests who are therapists, researchers, authors, coaches about their work. Learn about trauma and attachment, mindfulness, relationships, self-compassion, creativity, perfectionism, worthiness and more by being a fly on the wall while Laura and her guests chat!

About Trauma Chat Podcast

Trauma Chat is a limited podcast offering basic information about trauma in brief (10-20 minutes) episodes. Laura Reagan, LCSW-C started Trauma Chat in June, 2021 to fill a need. The content on Therapy Chat podcast tends to include clinical terms and lingo that people without a background in the mental health field may find unfamiliar and confusing. Knowing that many people who listen to Therapy Chat are not mental health professionals, Laura decided to make a show that provides foundational information to give people a starting point when learning about trauma. This show is for anyone who wants to understand what trauma is, how it shows up in our lives, and how to find help.