Emily is a licensed Psychotherapist (LLP) who supports empathic, highly sensitive (HSP), and professional womxn in understanding that no matter how overwhelming and intense their feelings are, they actually make good sense and she will help you decode their wisdom. Through her own lived experience as an Empath, HSP, and professional, Emily understands that our culture, with its endless hustle and near constant over-stimulation, was not designed with sensitive and deeply feeling womxn in mind. Largely because of this, many of these womxn end up feeling like they are going crazy, and also feel overwhelmed, burned-out, and not good enough. They find themselves struggling to do things that seem basic and normal for many other people and wonder why it feels so hard for them. This is often followed with a barrage of self-criticism and harsh self-talk. Through working with Emily, womxn can expect to gain deeper insight and understanding into how to use their sensitivity to their advantage, which serves to decrease overwhelm, anxiety, burn-out, and fatigue, while cultivating a deeper self-understanding, improving confidence, empowerment, ease, enjoyment, in addition to improving careers, and relationships. She hopes to help womxn see themselves through a more accurate and realistic lens, instead of seeing themselves as somehow defective or imposters. Her eclectic approach to therapy has been developed through over 11 years in practice and thousands of client sessions. She helps people make sense of their life experiences combining her training in Psychology, somatic mindfulness, Brainspotting, trauma resolution, compassion fatigue, and secondary traumatic stress. In treatment, she shares her knowledge and education about how our brains, bodies, and nervous systems are impacted by trauma and stress, and how they heal; this also includes an understanding of the real impact of systems of oppression on overall health and well-being. She has found that providing this kind of information and education often organically promotes increased self-compassion, acceptance, and authenticity.

Education & Training

Emily received her undergraduate degree, with a major in psychology, from Oakland University in 2010. She went on to graduate with her Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology from the Michigan School of Psychology in 2011 and is a Limited License Psychologist (LLP). She passed her licensing exam (EPPP) at the doctoral level in 2013.She is a Certified Brainspotting Practitioner and Consultant, and is also a Certified Trauma Professional. Finally, Emily trained to become certified as a Whole Life Healing Coach in 2022.

In her down time, Emily genuinely enjoys continued learning and gets particularly enthused listening to audiobooks about the bodymind, in addition to listening to the occasional work of fiction for book club. She is also interested and invested in the life-long work of being actively anti-racist, while continuing to learn about the impact of racism and other systems of oppression, including as they arise within the context of therapy, in order to help dismantle them. Lastly, she enjoys playing with and training her two rescue dogs, snuggling with her kitties (you will often see a cat in her lap during sessions), finding tasty new recipes to try in her Instant Pot, or watching the latest Netflix hit series.

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