You feel so tired and no matter what you try, rest still escapes you. Your anxiety has been on overdrive for so long now that you have forgotten how it feels to relax.

You are exhausted and struggling to find the motivation to do even the simplest task during your day. Everything feels so much harder than it once did. The bar you have set for yourself is so high that now just want to lie on the ground and give up. Even when you are able to bring yourself to be productive, you always have the persistent thought that it will not last and soon you will be just as unmotivated as before.

You have lost connection to the things that once brought you joy and you have forgotten how to have fun. Life just feels overwhelming and you are not sure what to do.

I’ve been there, and I am ready to help you come out on the other side of this struggle stronger than you ever imagined you could be!

My clients share with me over and over again just how impactful therapy has been in helping them learn how to manage their anxiety, how to find relief from past traumas, and how to have happier, healthier relationships with themselves and others.

Having a safe place to learn more about themselves, explore their emotions, practice new tools, and process their thoughts and feelings has been transformational in helping my clients move from a place of overwhelm to a place of freedom.

My background is in the area of Christian Biblical studies and I love working with individuals with a desire to integrate faith and spirituality into their therapy journey. I have previous experience working with children and adolescents in school-based therapy programs and working with individuals, couples, and families at a Christian community therapy center. I work with individuals online and also provide equine-assisted therapy to people of all ages through DreamPower Horsemanship in Gilroy, CA.

My hobbies include horseback riding, hiking, playing board games, and cooking new meals with my husband.

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