You’ve spent a lot of your life just “getting through it”. But now that you’re through it (at least mostly), your past seems to be catching up to you. Your relationships with significant others, friends, family, and even yourself seem to be challenging. You’re realizing now that maybe “just getting through it” wasn’t enough. Slowing down is really difficult, but it’s time. This can feel scary to take on alone and I can support you on your healing journey.

I work from a relational, psychodynamic, family-systems, and trauma-competent perspective. I am trained in and utilize EMDR, IFS, AEDP, and ERP with clients. I integrate concepts from the Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics into my assessment to help find ways to better support clients where they are at rather than where they are expected to be. I have been trained extensively in how important it is to understand family histories. Even events that seem subtle on the surface can alter interactions and perceptions over the years, causing patterns in ourselves and our own families that we may not be aware of. While I have experience with a variety of clinical concerns, my focus tends to be on PTSD and trauma, including Adult Children of Alcoholics, Emotional Neglect and other Family of Origin Issues or Relational Trauma. I also have experience treating OCD and phobias and utilize ERP and ACT for those struggling with these specific concerns.

In my work, I have learned about the value of acknowledging our painful early experiences in a safe space. In doing so, we can help unburden the parts of ourselves that are trying to protect us with extreme or seemingly “nonsensical” behaviors. I truly believe that, even if you don’t feel it right now, you make more sense and are more adaptive than you realize.

Please note that I am an Out-of-Network provider and while I do not take insurance directly, I am able to provide Insurance Reimbursement Statements to help you get reimbursed for the cost of our sessions. I also accept VCAP for payment. I am able to see clients via telehealth in PA, NJ, DE and FL.

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