Welcome back to Therapy Chat! In today’s episode, Laura speaks with trauma specialist and EMDR-trained clinician Nityda Gessel.

Feeling like a foreigner in your own body is beyond unsettling. Despite your drive and success, it is challenging to feel worthy, comfortable, and at peace within your own skin, and this further exacerbates your fear that you are just not good enough. You might worry that there is no fix for you and you’ll feel this way forever. And because to others, you appear to have it all together, it’s incredibly lonely to know that inside you there is a longing for love and living that is not being satiated- a pervasive fear that love and joy may never come.

Nityda Gessel works with women who due to a traumatic past and overwhelming self-doubt, struggle to cultivate meaningful and fulfilling relationships and feel a sense of purpose in life. Her approach is one that addresses the mind and body as a whole.

Nityda integrates somatic awareness, yoga, meditation and mindfulness into psychotherapy. There is a well-spring of wisdom within you that’s been neglected. With a compassionate heart and a non-judgmental mind, she will help you listen to and trust that wise voice within. A moment of courage can jumpstart a journey toward happiness and lasting peace.



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July 5, 2018

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Laura Reagan, LCSW-C

Laura Reagan, LCSW-C is an integrative trauma therapist and owner of a group practice, the Baltimore Annapolis Center for Integrative Healing. She is also the host of Therapy Chat and Trauma Chat podcasts and the founder of the Trauma Therapist Network, a website for learning information about trauma and finding resources and help for trauma.

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