Welcome back to Therapy Chat! In this week’s episode host Laura Reagan, LCSW-C welcomes back Dr. Gail Gazelle for part two of their conversation all around burnout. Dr. Gazelle is a physician who spent most of her career in hospice work. Based on her own experiences as well as those of other physicians and healthcare professionals she worked with, she became a Coach for physicians to build resilience and prevent burnout.

This was such a robust conversation that we are releasing it in two parts. This week, in Part One, Gail and Laura discuss the scope of the problem of physician burnout, the impact it has, and how she helps her physician coaching clients. Next week, in part two, we go into more detail about developing resilience. Burnout was a problem even before COVID19, and there is even more risk with so many healthcare professionals being stressed to their limits by the demands of the pandemic. Gail shares a hopeful message to encourage physicians to take care of themselves as well as they do their patients. Don’t miss this important discussion!

More about this week’s guest:

Dr. Gazelle is a former hospice physician, part-time Harvard Medical School Assistant Professor, and a Master Certified Coach for physicians. After working in the field of end-of-life care for most of her professional career, Dr. Gazelle shifted her focus to another vulnerable population: physicians in the modern American healthcare system. Dr. Gazelle has coached over 500 physicians and physician leaders on leadership development, communication, teamwork, conflict management, mindfulness to build resilience, and emotional intelligence. Dr. Gazelle’s passion is in providing physicians the resilience skills not covered in training that make the difference between burnout and surviving the marathon of a medical career. A long-time mindfulness practitioner and educator, Dr. Gazelle is a certified mindfulness meditation teacher with world-renowned teachers Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield. Dr. Gazelle is the author of The Daily Dose of Calm, a free 14-day mindfulness mini-course. Her articles have appeared in as diverse venues as the New England Journal of Medicine and O, the Oprah Magazine. Her book, Everyday Resilience, came out in August 2020.


Dr. Gail Gazelle’s website: www.gailgazelle.com 

Gail’s new book can be found here: https://www.amazon.com/Everyday-Resilience-Practical-Strength-Challenges/dp/1647395011

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