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Welcome back to Therapy Chat! This week, host Laura Reagan, LCSW-C speaks with Dr. Christina Hibbert, a clinical psychologist who was diagnosed with Triple Negative breast cancer with the BRCA-1 mutation and is now cancer-free, 3 years and 13 surgeries later.

She shares her experience of having past trauma come to the surface while she was dealing with incredibly challenging physical and emotional health issues. She talks openly about the missing pieces in breast cancer treatment and recovery, and the difficulty which many people with chronic illness will recognize, of having to be your own advocate as doctor after doctor dismisses your symptoms. During Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and Domestic Violence Awareness Month, this is a very timely conversation that will benefit any patient who is struggling to be heard by their treatment team, as well as any healthcare provider. Dr. Christina’s message is raw and honest, compassionate, hopeful and constructive. Follow her on Instagram and Facebook to learn how she is doing now!

Dr. Christina Hibbert is the #1 bestselling author of the award-winning memoir, This Is How We Grow, & of 8 Keys to Mental Health Through Exercise, Who Am I Without You, and the forthcoming Mastery Of Motherhood. Dr. Hibbert is a clinical psychologist, speaker, social media influencer, and thought leader in the areas of maternal & women’s mental health, grief/loss/trauma, self-worth, personal growth, & breast cancer.

She is the host of both Mastery of Motherhood (M.O.M.) podcast and Like a Watered Garden podcast and creator of her award-winning website and blog “DrChristinaHibbert.com.” Christina is also a “Breast Cancer Warrior,” overcoming triple negative breast cancer and the BRCA1 genetic mutation through chemotherapy, cold-capping & 13 surgeries. She was named Most Inspirational Women’s Health Professional 2018 & 2019 and won Best in Show: Blog 2020 for her work as a patient leader in the WEGO Health awards. A wife and mother of six, Christina was deeply honored to be named Mother of The Year, AZ 2018.


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