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Welcome back to Therapy Chat! We have talked a lot on Therapy Chat about perfectionism, and this week’s guest brings a slightly different perspective. Our guest today is a former onsite therapist at Google who proposes that it’s not always necessary to let go of being a perfectionist, because there are many positive aspects of this characteristic. 

Katherine Morgan Schafler is a psychotherapist, writer and speaker, and former on-site therapist at Google. She earned degrees and trained at UC Berkeley and Columbia University, with post-graduate certification from the Association for Spirituality and Psychotherapy in New York City. Katherine’s new book, The Perfectionist’s Guide to Losing Control: A path to peace and power, came out in January 2023. 

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In this episode:

– Katherine explains the 5 types of perfectionism:

  1. Classic Perfectionists 
  2. Intense Perfectionists 
  3. Parisian Perfectionists 
  4. Messy Perfectionists 
  5. Procrastinator Perfectionists

She describes how each type presents with positive and negative aspects;

Laura talks about the struggles to feel in control when the internal world feels chaotic as a perfectionist; Katherine shares how perfectionists can find a path to peace and power without losing a sense of control; And much more!

Visit Katherine’s website and learn about her book here

Buy Katherine Morgan Schafler’s book, The Perfectionist’s Guide to Losing Control: A path to peace and power on Amazon here.

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