Welcome to my Trauma Therapist Network profile. I consider myself an empathetic, non-judgmental strengths-based therapist who specializes in bringing cutting edge trauma interventions to reduce symptoms associated with various traumas that include Narcissistic Abuse, Spiritual Abuse and childhood developmental trauma. If you are experiencing anxiety, feeling overwhelmed by fear, struggling with sleep or confused by the loss of interest in those things that used to bring you joy or are saying ‘something isn’t right, but can’t pinpoint what is wrong, you may be or have been involved in a toxic relationship. I work collaboratively to help you recognize your resilience and find or regain trust in your own perceptions. I am originally from California and have experience working with creatives, bi-cultural individuals and in a variety of marginalized communities. I understand the experience of balancing two or more distinct cultures or feeling counter to cultural norms. These experiences can bring about identity questioning, creative blocks, imposter syndrome, self-doubt and perfectionism. I find my experience working with first-generation Americans is highly effective in helping my clients navigate the tightrope between honoring their parent’s cultural norms and integrating those cultural pieces from their chosen culture into their own bi-cultural identity.

 I utilize a variety of therapeutic interventions that focus on the body as well as the perceptive and emotional experience. Mindfulness, parts and EMDR interventions can assist the brain reorganize the traumatic memories and discharge the negative emotions attached. Existential can help with the grief and questioning. I am not a disciple of one psychological model but utilize techniques that are drawn from various modalities dependent upon the need. You are unique and I approach treatment in order to honor and empower you in your autonomy.  I find no therapeutic concept is a one size fits all. My primary goal is to utilize my skills coupled with my intuition and our therapeutic relationship to help you gain insight and increase emotional freedom.

Please feel free to reach out for an initial consultation, I am happy to engage in a conversation to see if we are a good clinical fit.

I am also licensed in other states. You can view my listing for Utah here, and for Nevada here.

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