For the longest time, maybe you took pride in the fact that you have been able to prove to others and to yourself that you could overcome whatever obstacles were thrown your way. More than just a source of pride, this ability has helped you to survive for as long as you have. This ability has even led to others turning to you for support. Little do people know how exhausted you have become keeping this up. Yet, you hesitate to ever bring such concerns up.

I hear this; all of this. You deserve to feel restored, and beyond that, to feel that you’re able to flow through life again– to not have to push yourself through every step of life. My commitment to you/my clients is to help you towards creating a life that offers stability and inspiration. You don’t have to keep struggling in secret.

I’m here for you and would welcome an opportunity to support you.

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Caregiver Stress

Childhood Emotional Neglect

Childhood Trauma

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