It is within your reach to live a life that is more grounded, calm, and satisfying – where you’re not overwhelmed by emotions and sensations – no matter how you are feeling right now or what happened before.

You feel on guard, emotionally and physically flooded, disempowered, alone, or hijacked by triggers. Maybe you feel like you cannot trust yourself or others, and your self-confidence is suffering. Whether you’re here because of a traumatic event or you have experienced multiple hardships in life, it is possible to get through this, reclaim your strength and control, and help your body learn to regulate in the present moment.

I specialize and am dedicated to helping survivors of trauma, including sexual abuse or assault. I offer a warm, grounding, engaged, and compassionate presence. We will navigate together whatever difficulty it is that brings you in ~ you are not alone. I have experience and enjoy working with children, teens, and adults of diverse backgrounds/orientations.

Deciding to undertake therapy is an incredibly courageous step that can help you address and resolve traumatic experiences – and learn new ways of coping and living. Visualize going through your day feeling more empowered and at peace, where things don’t suddenly throw you off or take over your psyche and body. You deserve to have support; I am here to help.

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Childhood Emotional Neglect

Childhood Trauma

Complex PTSD

Developmental Trauma


Emotional Abuse

Emotional Neglect



Physical Abuse

Physical Neglect

Relational Trauma

Sexual Abuse

Sexual Assault/Rape

Victims of Crime

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Attachment Based

Buddhist Psychology


Cognitive Therapies

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Internal Family Systems

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

Parts Work

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

Sensorimotor Psychotherapy

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Talk Therapy

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Adults in Midlife