I’m a trauma survivor and former Lone Wolf who has found a loving, trusting relationship with myself and a sense of empowerment that I didn’t know was missing until I reconnected to it.

I used to believe it wasn’t safe to ask for help, because no one would be there if I did. I thought I was alone in the world, and I didn’t trust anyone to help me.

I love helping people who have been hurt in relationships, usually very early in life, rediscover their inner guidance, clarity, creativity and the wholeness that has always been there.

If you’re like me, you may not have realized how trauma was showing up in your life. You may have thought the way you see the world is just who you are.

I thought I had to go it alone because I had many early experiences where that was true for me. Yet I often took responsibility for things that weren’t mine, leading to me feeling burdened by the heavy weight of responsibility for other people’s feelings and behavior.

Through years of therapy – a process of growth, self discovery and unlearning – I learned that it feels much better to go through life holding myself accountable for what is mine, and letting other people be accountable for what is theirs.

I’ve spent decades learning and growing as a human and becoming a therapist – developing skills to help other trauma survivors reconnect to their own inner wisdom. I’m not here to “fix” you, because I know you already have all that you need within you.

I’ll help you find your way back home to who you are and have always been, so you can show up authentically in your relationships with those you care about – including, most importantly, the relationship with yourself!

Trauma therapy may sound scary, but it doesn’t have to be a painful experience. My clients and I spend a lot of time laughing, connecting and exploring their inner worlds. Trauma therapy is an opportunity to reconnect to hope and your system’s natural tendency toward healing.

In addition to therapy with individuals in Maryland, USA, I offer clinical consultation on trauma-focused assessment,case conceptulatization, and improving trauma therapy skills for therapists; as well as coaching with individuals around the world on creativity and empowerment.

I am available to provide consultation and training to organizations and institutions on providing trauma-informed, trauma-sensitive and trauma-focused services as well as supporting teams in reducing vicarious trauma and secondary traumatic stress.

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