At first glance, you’ll be greeted by a gentle, statuesque white passing giant wearing super cozy, flowy therapist attire—laughable, but also accurate. Don’t be fooled by my seemingly normative conservative appearance, though! At the core, I am a very real, silly, relatable, and present human. I don’t believe in cookie-cutter approaches to healing, pathologizing, or orientations of healing that are surface-level and aimed at fixing symptoms. The DSM, while a supportive and sometimes necessary beast, was, let’s face it, generated by psychiatrists connected to pharmaceutical companies. Who you are and what is going to heal is not in a book, or a drug for that matter; it’s inside you. That said I am trained in several different evidenced based approaches that provide concrete tools and strategies you can weave into your life to aid in symptom relief and rewiring your system.

I firmly hold two beliefs: firstly, that the answers we seek reside within our bodies and minds, and secondly, that healing flourishes within supportive relationships. In this space, every individual is not only acknowledged but also respected and welcomed with curiosity and attuned compassionate attention.

My commitment lies in fostering the well-being of my clients and assisting them on the journey to build a life that excites them. Through tools such as EMDR and Brainspotting, which offer swift relief to longstanding pain, I aim to empower clients in their healing process.

I am confident that, through our collaborative work, deep and lasting healing is achievable. Employing evidence-based trauma-informed approaches, including EMDR and Brainspotting, alongside the relational framework of Hakomi somatic mindfulness, I strive to deeply track and attune to each individual. This support facilitates the transformation and transmutation of sources of distress. Our journey together will progress at your pace, guided by your innate wisdom as we navigate this road together.

As a first-generation American and muti-ethnic the child of immigrant parents, I navigated many different complex dynamics growing up and as a therapist am committed to creating a safe space for those that have experienced being othered, or marginalized. Having experienced both positive and challenging therapy throughout my life, I comprehend the dynamics of sitting on both sides of the room, and I am genuinely committed to assisting my clients in reaching their goals and experiencing healing.

In my role as an informed guide, I will walk alongside you on the path, drawing on my seasoned toolkit and insights from my 12 years of experience as a therapist. This may involve incorporating embodiment, somatic, and mindfulness practices, or employing evidence-based trauma-informed exercises such as EMDR and Brainspotting to release distress patterns and shift neural pathways. Regardless of the tools used, you can always count on me being a deeply present, genuine human invested in holding your truth and the cultural and spiritual paradigms you are rooted in with reverence.

Our shared journey begins by dropping in, mapping out goals, and understanding what will best support you internally and externally. We will take as much time as is needed for all of your delightfully complex, quirky, fabulous (and not so fabulous) parts to relax and fully engage. True healing is unique to each person; there’s no paint-by-numbers approach. Your nervous system and needs will determine our pace.

I genuinely look forward to hearing from you and exploring how I can be a supportive presence on your journey. As Ram Das aptly said, ‘We’re all just walking each other home.'”

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