Directive Play Therapy

Vivian L Morgan

Vivian works well with children, families, and adults who are looking for relieve from distress, trauma, or mood disturbances. She takes a Family systems, Cognitive Behavioral, and Expressive (sand tray therapy, art activities, mindfulness) approach.

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Barbara Maresca

People come to see me for help with a wide range mental health and relational struggles. I view the difficulties people face not as simply disorders, but as learned behavior that serve important purposes. I use a trauma-informed lens and attachment science to understand relational conflicts and personal patterns. I tap into my understanding of…

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Ashley Nicole Waddell

Ashley Waddell is a African-Centered Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Certified Trauma Specialist practicing in Virginia. Ashley sees therapy as a catalyst for assisting youth and young adults in moving from of a state of imbalance to alignment.

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