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Welcome back to Therapy Chat! This week we continue the conversation on decolonizing therapy as host Laura Reagan, LCSW-C interviews social justice educator Julia Alexander.

Laura and Julia first met in Fall 2016 at an equine retreat for therapists. Laura and Julia share deeply held values around respect for the dignity and autonomy of another being within a relational interaction – whether with another human or a non-human animal. Julia shared how she helps white-bodied therapists identify who are working toward embodied anti-racism, through the influence of teachers including Resmaa Menakem and partnership with Colors of Austin. 

Julia provides compassionate therapy, education and consulting services rooted in anti-racist, social justice and liberatory frameworks. She offers a safe and accepting space to alleviate shame, heal trauma and discover inner resilience. Her approach is founded on an unwavering belief in the healing power of safe connection, and a deep knowing that sustained relationship to nature plays a major role in human healing. She specializes in providing eco and equine-assisted psychotherapy in the areas of childhood relationship trauma, coming out, systemic oppression, and shame held by white-bodied people. 

As a social justice educator, she offers customized consulting, curriculum design and group facilitation to individuals, teams, and organizations who want to understand their experiences and beliefs in the context of systemic oppression. She combines her expertise as a therapist and social justice educator to offer a unique form of equine-assisted psychotherapy rooted in the ethical inclusion of horses in human treatment. Through this work, she loves supporting people in exploring connection, dialogue, choice and consent.

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Learn more about Julia via her website: www.juliaalexandercounseling.com

Use this link to learn more about Resmaa Menakem‘s books and Somatic Abolitionism

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