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Welcome back to Therapy Chat. This week I interviewed author, EMDR-Certified therapist and Consultant In Training Marcken Volmy, LMHC about how EMDR can help with betrayal trauma and the impact of broken trust. We explored how betrayal by trusted figures and institutions can shatter one’s sense of safety and trust in the world.

We also discussed recent examples of betrayal within the mental health field, for example, the FTC settlement with BetterHelp, and other situations in our field which have affected both of us. We talked about the impact these experiences can have on therapists’ and clients’ trust in the systems and processes of our profession. Marcken explains how EMDR can help change implicit beliefs about self and the world, leading to healing and a felt sense of safety. We also touch on the current political climate and its effect on trust and safety. Marcken’s book, Trauma Stories, is available now! Listen in to this hopeful conversation. It’s never too late to heal. 

Marcken Volmy is a licensed mental health counselor and the owner of Bedrock Counseling, a private practice based in Florida that also offers EMDR consultation for recently trained clinicians. He is an EMDR trained and certified therapist with over a decade’s worth of experience helping people identify their traumas and gaining more awareness in how to process unresolved issues. Marcken is the author of Trauma Stories: Discovering Strength Through Our Vulnerabilities. Marcken has worked with special needs children, overwhelmed adults, community mental health, mobile crisis unit, children in group homes, non-profit mental health, and substance abuse. Marcken is passionate about all things mental health and trauma related and enjoys adding value to people’s lives one story at a time. Marcken lives in Florida with his wife and family.

Visit Marcken’s practice website here: https://bedrockcounseling.com 

Follow Marcken on social media here:

Facebook: @Bedrockcounseling/ Instagram: @Bedrockcounseling, @Marckenvolmy Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/marcken-volmy-7b38953b/

We are accepting new clients in my therapy practice (for those located in Maryland). Learn more via our website: https://bahealing.com 

Find a trauma therapist near you via https://traumatherapistnetwork.com ! We believe that trauma is real, healing is possible and help is available. 

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December 15, 2023

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