Community Violence

Brooke Bralove

Brooke Bralove, LCSW-C is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Psychotherapist, AASECT Certified Sex Therapist, Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator, and a Basic Accelerated Resolution Therapy Practitioner.

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Caroline Artley

Do you want to get more out of counseling? If so, I offer new, dynamic methods to help you find peace. Maybe you want to get a handle on things before they spiral out of control. Maybe you’ve gone to therapy before but it didn’t stick. Many people go through years of trial-and-error counseling and…

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Quincee Gideon

I help people with religious trauma and complex PTSD understand their trauma and weave a new story for their lives. If you feel overwhelmed, triggered and lost after trauma, we can find a new way forward.

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